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I am Brook James, a technology expert. I specialize in information technology, computer repair services, and device hacking. Over the years, I have worked for various tech companies, with laudable feedbacks from them. I work daily to hack technology related issues, and find solutions to problems that seem impossible to be solved. I have been in this business for about seven years now, and so far, I have trained twenty tech experts, some of which are now IT specialists and computer service repairers. I am commonly known for my commitment to my work and my ability to provide concise and applaudable results. With the several quality years of experience I have, I still take up new classes on technology and learn as much as I can, considering that technology keeps improving. This helps me to stay in the latest happening of technology and render more services to my clients.

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  • Those interested are expected to know how to communicate in English effectively; should have a sound oral communication, so that you are able to communicate well with your employer and other co-workers.

  • You may have to take language entrance requirements and test requirements, which usually varies from one college to another, and are used to test your language skills to see how well you're doing and if you're fit for the job.

  • These features are required for your eligibility to get IT jobs in Canada. The second choice will be more efficient if you have plans on playing music or audio from your iPod and other audio sources.

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