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The How to Guides for Setting Up New Laptop

Whether you a veteran using laptop for a white or a novice user of computers and laptops, it is necessary that you have a checklist to get started with the new device. There are certain things which you need to follow after taking out the new device from the box. Ensure that the device is fully charged and once it is charged you need to turn the device on for configuration. Below is the summary of what you need to do to setup a new Lenovo i9 Laptop reviews. This is the helpful How to Guides on setting up a new laptop for the first time.

Signing with Valid Account

The first time you open a laptop you will be prompted to configure the laptop with few settings. You need to set language, time, network you want to connect and more. The Windows based laptop enables the users to logon with local accounts. But you must avoid it and ensure to login with your Microsoft Account. But, if you don’t have one, then ensure to use the local account to login. After successful login you need to allow the new device to sync with the existing data as well as settings.

Connecting to Network

The second step is to connect the device to the network and you need to select this manually. It is necessary that you connect the laptop with the network so that you can update the operating system, download saved data, install apps and do other things. Windows also ask the PC to go online for activation of the license. After connecting the PC to the network you want to connect, you need to ensure that the Windows is activated first.

Personalizing Programs and Apps

Most of the new laptops usually come pre-installed with all kinds of programs and apps which are necessary for the operations. The configurations may suit you specific needs. But, you can also get the other apps and programs installed on your PC or Laptop manually which you think are necessary for your future need. Installing and configuring new apps and programs on the new Laptop is very easy and simple. You may either purchase to install apps of your choice or you can get it online from reliable sources.

Adding Personal Data

After you are done with the configuration process you need to add personal data t the new laptop. The personal data includes music, videos, pictures, files and documents, presentations and much more. This personal data can be taken from your old PC or laptop using USB cable and install or store it on the internal drive of the new PC. The data transfer may take some time depending upon the speed and memory space available in the new laptop.

Securing the New Laptop

Whenever you purchase a new laptop it is necessary that you secure it so as to protect it from malware attacks. There are many online services and firewalls which you can purchase and install in your PC to keep it secure.

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